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Passionate about design and jewellery, and inspired by gemstones and artefacts from the Ancient world, Brooski's distinctive craftsmanship and creative approach is at the heart of each and every product we create.

Having grown up in England with Kurdish roots, Broosk Saib has spent the last 30 years showcasing his love for design through work in interiors, photography and jewellery. 

Known for his immaculate presentation and sense of sophistication, Brooski has worked with a wide range of international clients and established a reputation for unique perfection. These qualities are an essential part of our jewellery production, giving great attention to detail to each stage of the process - from sketching concepts all the way through to final creation.  

Each stone we use is selected, designed and drawn by Brooski, and then handmade by independent craftsman in London. We are proud to offer a unique service and experience for our customer, with our bespoke luxury cufflinks catering to your desires.

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The History of Cufflinks

History tells us that men have been wearing garments similar to shirts since the invention of woven fabric 5,000 years BC. Whilst the methods, styles and manufacturing techniques have evolved over the years, the underlying form of the shirt as we know it today have remained the same. 

The first pair of cufflinks appeared in the 1600s but did not become common until the end of the 18th Century. Legend tells us that the modern cufflink as we know it today was born in the pages of Alexander Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. In the book, a character sparked great envy amongst everyone around him with enormous diamonds decorating the cuffs of his shirts. Not long after this book was published, tailors began to recognise the importance of accentuating shirt-cuffs to the “proper gentleman”.

From here the popularisation of cufflinks grew. In the 1840s the French cuff emerged - a double-cuff shirt that folds back on itself, sometimes known as the ‘kissing cuff’- with great popularity. Following this, the popularisation of detachable collars and cuffs on shirts in the Victorian and Edwardian eras accelerated the use of cufflinks. 

With cufflinks becoming more common, style became more important. Initially, coloured cufflinks made from gemstones - much like the ones designed by Brooski - were only worn by men with a great deal of self-confidence. However this soon changed when the Prince of Wales, later Edward V11, popularised colourful Faberge cufflinks in the 19th Century. From here cufflinks became a fashion accessory and one of the few acceptable items of jewellery for men to adorn in Britain and the U.S. 

As the 1900’s began, cufflink development continued to rise, with more and more gentleman wearing them on their shirts. They were available in every possible form, colour and material - commonly incorporating gemstones and less precious stones.

However, later in the century the emergence of a sportier style of shirt with unstarched cuffs that could be secured with simple buttons grew in popularity. This meant that cufflinks were no longer seen as a necessity to wear as an accessory. With this development it afforded a great opportunity. The opportunity for men to truly make an outfit their own. Styling a suit and shirt with cufflinks that speak to his personality. 

Today the message is still clear. Whether it’s a special set passed down from your grandfather, or a set you were gifted, the cufflink is a undeniable sign of the discerning gentleman. Find your own pair today, and give your personal style an elegant addition.

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Bespoke Cufflinks

Inspired by the materials and stones found across the world, Broosk designs and creates cufflinks each with their own unique story. Whether starting with the beauty of a raw emerald or the romantic story of a falling star, Broosk crafts individual cufflinks that represent more than just a shirt accessory.

The cufflinks are produced by independent jewellery makers using traditional techniques. Each pair is one of a kind, using fine stones and precious metals to create beautiful pieces of mens jewellery. Whilst we have a large collection available online, we also create bespoke pieces to match our customers needs. 

If you’re interested in creating your own pair of cufflinks from our exclusive selection of raw stones, ancient coins and artefacts, enquire now and begin the journey to your perfect pair.