About Us

Passionate about design and jewellery, and inspired by gemstones and artefacts from the Ancient world, Brooski's distinctive craftsmanship and creative approach is at the heart of each and every product we create.

Having grown up in England with Kurdish roots, Broosk Saib has spent the last 30 years showcasing his love for design through work in interiors, photography and jewellery. 

Known for his immaculate presentation and sense of sophistication, Brooski has worked with a wide range of international clients and established a reputation for unique perfection. These qualities are an essential part of our jewellery production, giving great attention to detail to each stage of the process - from sketching concepts all the way through to final creation.  

Each stone we use is selected, designed and drawn by Brooski, and then handmade by independent craftsman in London. We are proud to offer a unique service and experience for our customer, with our bespoke luxury cufflinks catering to your desires.

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